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Letters of Appreciation

Dear Andrew, we’re writing to thank you for your assistance and participation in our wedding last month. We both feel, as well as our families and friends, that the ceremony that you performed was just perfect and somewhat magical.

Every person that was there was moved and drawn into the beautiful ceremony that you blessed us with. From the first time we spoke with you we knew you were the person we wanted to perform our wedding. Thank you for the gentle caring way in which you treated our love for each other and what we desired for our ceremony.

We also want to thank you for your advice regarding Marco’s involvement, as well as the  blessing you gave in Spanish, it made our day that much more special. If we had to do it all over again we would not change one word, one smile, or even one tear of the ceremony, it really was perfect. Again, thank you so much for giving us a ceremony that was, and will always be, quite memorable.

Your friends
Michael & Alicia Bruno

Dear Andrew, you were absolutely wonderful to work with for our wedding. You took the time to understand what it was that Christian and I wanted for our wedding.

We wanted to be married outside, in surroundings that captured who we are as a couple. We did not, however, want to lose sight of who we are spiritually, and by finding you and having you preside over our service we were able to create the wedding we had always dreamed of.

I believe that we had a once in a lifetime wedding, one that our many friends and relatives who traveled from Minnesota and beyond will never forget. You are a very special person, who designs a ceremony to specially capture the bond that unites each couple. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and have you preside over our ceremony.

Thank You
Stephanie & Christian

Andrew, here is a wedding thanks we wrote for you: You are fantastic!

You are warm and friendly. You provided both guidance and complete flexibility in planning our ceremony. You gave us the warmth of your personal touch. You also emphasized and enhanced the Spiritual message that we wished to communicate.

We will always remember the sincere comments of friends and family complimenting us on the unique beauty of our wedding.

Thank you once again, Andrew
Sheila & Gary

Dear Fr. Murphy, thank you so very much for performing our marriage ceremony so beautifully and eloquently!

Everyone in attendance was moved and loved the emotion and kindness that you showed throughout the entire ceremony. Trust me, this was a hard group, and they were touched.

You really made us feel like one with God and nature.

Both Martin and I were very, very pleased with the way the whole ceremony and the entire festivities and celebration turned out.

You can live a lifetime in a day and not even notice how beautiful life can be. We had a beautiful life that day!

Again, thank you for being you, a wonderful, caring and kind human being that we are glad to have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Laura & Martin

Dear Andrew, I’ve been wanting to thank you for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for my son, Matthew Ziegler and Hadassah Holland, my new daughter-in-law.

Because Matt and Hadassah and their families come from different traditions, and the guests added even more diversity, I was a little puzzled about what could be done to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and included.

I was overjoyed at the ceremony you helped Matt and Hadassah put together. Your words and the readings drew on many traditions, but somehow they all came together so effortlessly to create an atmosphere in which a deep and unifying spirit seemed clearly present. The result was powerful and joyful, and I’m deeply grateful. You will always be part of our memories of a very special day.

Mary Ziegler

Andrew, the warmth and sentiments behind the words chosen for our wedding ceremony did not go unnoticed… many, many guests said it was the most beautiful ceremony that they had ever heard, as well as attended. Your grace and humor enlivened a potentially serious affair, relaxed us, and allowed us to enjoy our most special day! We’ll always consider you our friend…” 

Mark & Kelly

Dear Rev. Murphy, we both wanted to extend our heart felt thanks for the beautiful work that you did officiating our wedding. Your presence is filled with wisdom, depth, serenity, and loving-kindness. The ceremony felt wonderfully personalized, as though you really got a glimpse of our true selves and relationship through our discussion together. It was fun, too, learning about your Advaitic perspective. I know my mother really enjoyed her discussion with you about Advaita Vedanta.

We keep thinking back to our quiet, sacred and loving ceremony with awe that everything should transpire exactly as we had hoped. Thank you for making the dream a reality. All the best to you!

Steve & Adrie

Fr. Murphy, thank you so much for being a part of our special day! What a day it was – Perfect! We feel so blessed that we were fortunate enough to have found you in Sedona. We asked for someone special, and there you were. Thanks for taking the time to put together a wonderful ceremony.

Best Regards
Sandra & Marshall

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