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Steps in a Ceremony

1. Introduction
A gentle beginning using the imagery of nature and a favorite text or poem to open the heart and establish a sense of presence and sacred space.

A welcoming of you and your guests, together with an expression of gratitude for their presence. If desired there can also be a remembrance of absent or deceased relatives.

3. Journey of Love
Celebrating of the gift of your love centered in the information which you share with us about your relationship. For example, the way you first met, the qualities that you most treasure within each other, the blessings of being together, the gift of becoming a family, the sense of destiny in the finding of each other, etc…

4. Opening Prayer
Heartfelt words of gratitude for the grace and beauty of your relationship

5. Readings
One or two readings that speak deeply to your hearts and capture the joy of becoming one. You may include here a personal expression of your love, which can take the place of one or both readings. This is a good place for family and friends to participate, by presenting a reading, speaking encouraging words, singing a favorite song, playing a musical instrument, etc…

6. Intentions
A brief summary of your journey and decision to marry, leading into the second part of the ceremony.

7. Wedding Vows
Sharing the perfect words that express your commitment and promise to each other. You may create your own wedding vows or use vows already written. Your wedding vows do not need to be the same.  

8. Presentation and Blessing of the Rings

9. Exchange of Rings
Ring vows that express the meaning you wish to convey as you place the ring on your spouse’s finger. You may create your own ring vows or use vows already written. Your ring vows do not need to be the same.

10. Final Blessing
A blessing of gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of your marriage and an invitation to the Spirit to empower, protect and guide you as you begin your journey as husband and wife.

11. Pronouncement of Marriage and Presentation

12. Kissing of the Bride

13. Signing of the License

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